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Local Tickets is pleased to announce a new free scanning app that will be available in the Apple store and available for use on all iOS (apple) devices such as Ipads and Iphones.  The app is free to download and the first 100 ticket scans per event are free.

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As of Friday 4th September 2015 there will  be a per person price charge to event organisers for table ticket types, instead of the previous flat ticket price.  All existing table bookings set up prior to this date, will be honoured at the previous rate.

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Innovation Award for Local Tickets

Local Tickets is proud to announce our Queensland Tourism Industry Council Innovation Award (Runner Up) which was presented by the Minister for Tourism and Events, MP Kate Jones.

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Whitsunday Tickets Whats On Radio Promotion

Whitsunday Tickets whats on radio promotion in Mackay on Zinc

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